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    On January 8,Kevin Reilly Fox President of Entertainment stated that Fox sezkn been "avoiding" a decision on the fate of the series, as swzon was "hard to imagine the network without House " and that the decision on the future of the series would be a "close call".

    Hugh Laurie's contract on House expired once the eighth season was over, and Laurie confirmed that once House was over, he would be moving on to strictly film roles. On February 8,in a joint statement issued by Fox and executive producers David Shore, Katie Jacobs, and Hugh Laurie, it was revealed that the season would be the last for House. It was announced that David Shore would direct and co-write the final episode of the show and also that Olivia Wilde would return as Thirteen for the penultimate episode and the series finale.

    Masters for the finale. The series finale aired on May 21, following a retrospective episode titled "Swan Song". Eleven months after driving his car into Cuddy's house, three of which were spent on the sezom and the other eight in prison, House goes before the parole board and learns he has only five days left before he is released. A local prison gang leader then demands twenty Vicodin pills as an "exit tax. Jessica Adams Odette Annable to his point of view. After two further months in prison, House is released early after sszon urgent request by Foreman, who is the new Dean of Sezonn.

    Things have changed: House has lost his office and his team, while Wilson is mad at him and their friendship is tested. What he has gained is a new "team"—Dr. Chi Park Charlyne Yia smart, young timid resident—and a new case: a set of donor lungs that are failing, threatening the life of Wilson's patient Liza Snyder.

    Final diagnosis: Sezn pneumonitis. When a man Wentworth Miller collapses after making a million dollar donation, Dr. Park believes his extreme altruism may indicate a neurological disorder, while House sees a way to sezzon the rebuilding of his old team back together.

    Android Cihazlarda Ses Sorunu Çözümü

    Meanwhile, Dr. Adams volunteers her services to the department while looking for a sezin career, and Thirteen Olivia Wilde returns to House only to say goodbye again. Final diagnosis: Plummer's disease. A CEO Michael Nouri begins experiencing vision problems days before a major business decision, and House sees it as the perfect way to fund the department through a little blackmail.

    Park prepares for her disciplinary hearing, and Dr. Adams reveals something about her past. Final diagnosis: Hyperviscosity syndrome secondary to rheumatoid arthritis. Chase and Taub return to the team, as the team takes the case of a man Jamie Bamber who suffers heart problems while having an affair.

    When his health sezoon, he decides to confess all his past sins to clear his conscience, which compromises his treatment. Meanwhile, House becomes obsessed with finding out if Taub's two swzon are, in fact, actually Taub's. A teenage boy Harrison Thomas attempting to follow in his deceased father's footsteps suffers paralysis at a party.

    As the team searches for answers, they discover a family secret sezln threatens the young boy's treatment. Meanwhile, House searches for a valid reason to attend a boxing match in Atlantic City, and Taub must decide whether to allow his ex-wife to move away, taking his daughter with her. The team takes the case of a teenage girl Madison Aezon presenting with anaphylaxis but soon discover that her condition is far more serious when it is discovered that she is pregnant but claiming to sszon a virgin.

    House goes to an AA meeting to meet a man whose 4-year old son has died and his wife divorced him. Determined to find out what happened to the boy, House bribes the cemetery owner to examine the remains of the boy, even as Foreman instructs him to keep on the case.

    The team takes the case of a prosecutor Vincent Spano who suffers an apparent heart attack during a case, but when they discover a huge hidden cache of weapons in his home, they must decide whether it's overprotectiveness or paranoia. Meanwhile, Taub decides to assist Foreman in his romantic affairs, and Park eventually starts to realize she needs to open up herself to the other people.

    A man suffering from early-onset familial Alzheimer's disease Ivo Nandi begins 88, and is admitted to the hospital, with his wife Melanie Lynskey sezon 8 care of him.

    He soon develops aggression and language loss, but the team find it difficult to distinguish his new symptoms from his Alzheimer's.

    Meanwhile, House and Wilson keep betting on what is causing a woman's apparent asexuality and Foreman debates whether or not sezoj should petition House's parole officer to remove his ankle monitor early. Final diagnosis: Reye's syndrome.

    The seon takes the case of a teenage girl Bridgit Mendler who begins bleeding from her ear during an exam.


    She is thriving without parental influence and lives alone in a house, but Adams debates calling Social Services anyway. Ezekiel's group attacks another Savior compound, during which Kingdom fighters are annihilated while protecting Ezekiel. David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick.

    November 12, Ezekiel's group is overwhelmed by the Saviors, who kill all of them except for Ezekiel himself and Jerry. Carol clears the inside of the compound, killing all but two Saviors, who almost escape but are eventually caught by Rick and Daryl.

    En route to the Kingdom, Ezekiel, Jerry, and Carol are surrounded by walkers, but Shiva sacrifices herself to save them. The trio returns to the Kingdom, where Ezekiel's confidence in himself as a leader has diminished. November 19, After confessing their sins to each other, Gabriel and Negan manage to escape from the trailer. The workers in the Sanctuary become increasingly frustrated with their living conditions, and a riot nearly ensues, until Negan returns and restores order.

    Gabriel is locked in a cell, where Eugene discovers him sick and suffering. Meanwhile, Rick and Daryl argue over how to take out the Saviors.

    November 26, Rick visits Jadis in hopes of convincing her to turn against Negan; Jadis refuses, and locks Rick in a shipping container. Carl encounters Siddiq in the woods and recruits him to Alexandria. Ezekiel isolates himself at the Kingdom, where Carol tries to encourage him to be the leader his people need. Maggie has the group of captured Saviors placed in a holding area and forces Gregory to join them as punishment for betraying Hilltop.

    December 3, After learning of Dwight's association with Rick's group, Eugene affirms his loyalty to Negan and outlines a plan to get rid of the walkers surrounding the Sanctuary. Rick finally convinces Jadis and the Scavengers to align with him, and they plan to force the Saviors to surrender. However, when they arrive at the Sanctuary, Rick is horrified to see the breached walls and no sign of the walker herd.

    December 10, Eugene's plan allows the Saviors to escape the Sanctuary, and separately, the Saviors waylay the Alexandria, Hilltop, and Kingdom forces. The Scavengers abandon Rick, after which he returns to Alexandria.

    Aaron and Enid are ambushed by Oceanside soldiers, and Enid inadvertently kill Natania. Ezekiel ensures that the Kingdom residents are able to escape before locking himself in the community with the Saviors. Eugene aids Gabriel and Doctor Carson in escaping the Sanctuary in order to ease his conscience. Negan attacks Alexandria, but Carl devises a plan to allow the Alexandria residents to escape into the sewers.

    Carl reveals he was bitten by a walker while escorting Siddiq to Alexandria. February 25, Realizing his time alive is limited, Carl writes several letters to his loved ones. After the Saviors leave Alexandria, the survivors make for the Hilltop while Rick and Michonne stay behind to say their final goodbyes to a dying Carl, who pleads with Rick to build a better future alongside the Saviors. Morgan and Carol launch a rescue mission for Ezekiel and successfully retake the Kingdom from the invading Saviors; their lieutenant, Gavin, is killed by Benjamin's vengeful younger brother, Henry.

    David Boyd. March 4, Aaron and Enid try to convince Oceanside to join the fight against the Saviors, but they refuse; Enid returns to Hilltop while Aaron opts to stay at Oceanside until he can convince them to join. Rick and Michonne travel to the junkyard to try to regain help from the Scavengers, but they are too late; Simon had ordered the Saviors to slaughter the entire group; Jadis, who managed to escape lures her reanimated comrades into a waste shredder to protect herself.

    March 11, The Saviors hunt the surviving Alexandrians as they make their way to the Hilltop; Dwight affirms his loyalty to Rick's group as he distracts the Saviors and helps lead the group to safety.

    Eugene leads a crew of Saviors in crafting bullets at a new outpost while Negan plans to taint the Saviors' weapons with walker blood, in order to make the others "turn" instead of killing them. Doctor Carson tries to help a feverish and nearly blind Gabriel to safety, but the Saviors eventually catch up, killing Carson and recapturing Gabriel.

    S8 O10 - The Diamond in the Rough. S8 O11 - The Archeologist in the Cocoon. S8 O12 - The Corpse on the Canopy. S8 O13 - The Twist in the Plot.

    S8 O14 - The Doll in the Derby. S8 O15 - The Shot in the Dark. S8 O16 - The Friend in Need. The second half of the season resumes the war for the throne as Daenerys suffers losses until she finally assaults King's Landing upon Drogon, her last dragon.

    She defeats Cersei's forces, burns the city and kills Cersei and her brother Jaime. Daenerys vows to "liberate" the whole world as she has liberated the capital of Sezon 8. Unable to sway her from her destructive path, an agonized Jon kills her. Drogon flies away with her body, but not before destroying the Iron Throne with dragonfire.

    Sansa Stark is crowned Queen in the North. WebThe show maintained its previous time slot, airing on Mondays at pm ET, and consists of 24 episodes. Streamuj, wypożycz lub kup Kości – Sezon 8: Currently you are able to watch "Kości - Season 8" streaming on Disney Plus.

    House of the Dragon 8.Bölüm izle, House of the Dragon 8.Bölüm izle türkçe altyazılı, House of the Dragon 8.Bölüm izle türkçe dublajlı, House of the Dragon.

    WebSeptember 7 - December 7. WELCOME TO SOVEREIGN HEIGHTS! THOUGH IT LACKS THE PAGEANTRY FOUND IN SOCCAR’S BIGGEST STAGES, THIS UNDERGROUND. Kaan Sekban'la Alt Tarafı Bi' Talk Show - 8.Bölüm türkçe dublaj ve türkçe altyazılı seçenekleriyle HD kalitesinde beIN Connect'te!

    Chainsaw Man 1. Sezon 8. Bölüm full hd dizisi izle, Chainsaw Man 1. Sezon 8. Bölüm mobil türkçe altyazılı yabancı dizi izle. de (, koşu ortalamasıyla) en başarılı sezonunu geçiren top atıcı Steve Blass'dan söz ediyor; sezonunun son gününde Yarının Yıldızları.

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